We are creating a new way to engage, reduce and impact

WattzOn provides innovative solutions to businesses and local governments that connect families, individuals and communities to their energy use. Our approach combines easy-to-use tools, advanced data analytics and proven behavioral science to nudge people towards a more efficient use of energy.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, as well as major cities and Fortune 100 businesses to save energy and save money. Together, with our clients and their customers, we’re trying to change the way people understand energy consumption and reduce their impact.

What we Do

Save Energy

Our web and mobile tools help families save from simple habit changes (10 – 20% savings) and from energy-smart purchases, including solar. Typical savings are more than $400 per year.

Reduce Fuel Spends

WattzOn’s tools help users see the annual cost of driving, personalized by car model and miles, and how much can be saved with a fuel-efficient model. Typical gasoline savings are more than $1000 per year.

Why we Do it

Energy & Fuel Spend

13 cents out of every dollar in the household budget goes to home energy bills and cars - more than health care or property taxes.

Greenhouse Gases

Energy use is the #1 cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and saving energy is a clear and countable way to help our planet.